The world of Symbol connects us to divinity.
It is the artists, storytellers and those souls who use symbol and symbol systems, that maintained our connection with the Archetypes over the ages. It is them who kept the symbolic themes, that medicine that indicates the paths of human evolution, alive in our unconscious minds so that we can re-connect our reason with that softer voice of ancestors, memory and future knowing through symbolism that unfolds the divine voice within us which steers our true healing and destiny.
Healers and all people who want to be healed, re-connect with the symbolic world. We bypass our cognitive emotional defense mechanisms through symbolism and can no longer deny the truth about the emotional-spiritual healing work we need to practice.
Join the discussion and my workshops for more on this healing experience and release yourself from the shackles of emotional life challenges.

Blessings to you all,



The insight you gain from experience, forms the consciousness that alters the past, and influences the outcome of your future.
It is consciousness that determines the direction of your advancement and the outcome of your choices. This is such an important principle because it ripples out to your whole family, community as well as humanity.
Our movement and especially the direction of our development are determined by our choices. We constantly choose how we operate and these choices have consequences in our lives as explorers on earth. We learn from our experiences but also from others explorations; if we are willing. Positive choices benefit all and destructive choices benefit some and hurt others. This is how we know the difference.
How do we make sure that our trajectory is in the direction of truth and constructive for everyone? We so easily delude ourselves and others about our ‘good’ motives, when they underlie narcissistic self-centered survival drives. The stronger our narcissism, the tougher we pull others into our illusions and misconceptions.
We do have a constructive navigation system that is based on love and compassion and this serves everyone’s benefit, not only our personal ones. The psychological ‘radar’ that promotes compassion is subtle and hardly transparently measurable. Paradoxically, strong overt proclamations of generosity and quantifiable data may in the end be self-serving to someone and mostly misleading to society. So, how do we distinguish constructive motives from the destructive motives, within ourselves, others and organizations, that influence our choices and directions in life, when reason and linear thought does not always lead us to truth?
We need to learn to read, check and verify the subtle, non-verbal signs resulting from our choices and interactions. These signs appear as physical symptoms, dreams, sensations, synchronistic occurrences and events as well as when perception unexpectedly highlights the words, visions, images or sensations within us. This is the terrain of mystery, where our Spiritual selves resign. There is a delicate veil between the concrete and the mystical world and this curtain opens that link when we notice, respect, validate, contemplate and engage with our spiritual side through the signs we observe without getting confused.
Our fears serve as an inner trap of discouragement that creates a pattern of failure for us. When we become oppressed by the everyday challenges, that are actually normal in life and there to help us develop inner strength, we lose our way in the illusion that life only exists of a concrete reality. Stay focused; cultivate spiritual priorities with a positive attitude that allows you to avoid harming yourselves with distractions, illusions and negativity. Your Spiritual Self always directs you towards growth and healing, even if it is uncomfortable at times.

Love and Blessings to you all,

Jayni Bloch

What is so complicated about Relationships?

Presented by Jayni Bloch
November 3, 2014 (every Monday) for 5 evenings, until December 1

Previously, we have talked about Archetypes and the cycles of our life. Now, the time is right to talk about RELATIONSHIPS.

How do you relate to your ancestors?
How do you relate to your parents, brothers and sisters?
How do you relate to your friends?
What are the gifts you receive from these relationships?
What are the challenges you face with all these people?
How do you choose a life partner?
Who did you choose as a partner and how does that work for you?
Who do you attract into your career-life?
What do you learn, or need to learn, from all of these people?

We are going to solve all these problems in the next 5 weeks, and have fun doing it!
Are you ready to explore your new future?
Come and join the process in an atmosphere of adventure.

Let the Magic begin!

Workshop Schedule:

Session 1 – November 3, 2014
Ancestors and Family – Who are they? Why are they important? What gifts and challenges are they brining you?

Session 2 – November 10, 2014
Relationships and communication styles – How do you relate, communicate and belong? How do your relationships inspire or suppress your creative self?

Session 3 – November 17, 2014
Partnership or not? – What do you want in a partnership and who and how do your attract and choose to be in your life?

Session 4 – November 24, 2014
Refining our ATTRACTION-Spirit through Consciousness – How to allow yourself to heal and experience the magic that transpire from your connection with spiritual vision? What do you need to do to acquire your wishes?

Session 5 – December 1, 2014
Conclusion about the true personal purpose of your relationships.

Workshop Fee is $1050 per person. $70 per hour – a total of 15 hours and more – can be reimbursed from your additional health insurance (claimed as Group therapy under psychological services from your additional medical insurance).
Payment is made in full on the first day as a sign of commitment to the full process.
Space is limited to ten participants only.

Reserve your place now for the November 2014 workshop. Join me for three hours every Monday evening from 6 pm till 9 pm, starting on November 3 to December 1, 2014.

Phone: 613 599-0937

Blessings to you all,


I am always fascinated to observe that every week in my psychotherapy practice, there seem to be a theme in the work I do. Despite the very diverse collection of people and problems I deal with, a common theme always emerges from the variety of issues and people I see.
This week the theme clearly stands out as having to deal with limitations of some kind. Some people struggle with not getting the job they wanted; others not having any freedom of expression or acknowledgement in their relationships; others having restrictions on their budgets, food or even behaviors (what they are allowed to do and not); some are restricted in their movement and others in their emotional, spiritual lives even by their own limiting ideas and beliefs.
Having limitations disturb our lifestyle or stop us in reaching the goals we might have had, is frustrating. But, have you ever thought of how those limitations eventually lead to the attainment of personal meaning and success? Those limitations pull us towards our personal destiny and develop our character. The limitation makes us search for new avenues and question ourselves and our motives to find our true intentions. Sometimes we generate fears and have ideas in our minds that trap us into not seeing the opportunities what comes from our limitations. We hang on to illusions of wanting to fight battles against these limitations, or those who limit us, because of the ‘principle of the thing’. But those illusions keep us self-occupied with the wrong message and the wrong action. Limitations should not become an excuse to become passive and negative, or put us on the war-path against it or someone. There is a place and time to fight for a principle, but check if you are not evading the real issue of having to accept that the limitation is really there to guide you to admit your inner truth or learn something of real value for your character. Limitation should instead engage us in participating in finding the creative and constructive purpose in it. We have to see the road forward and not get stuck on avoiding what we really need to do and have to discover because of those limitations.

Genie in the bottle

Blessings to you all,


“The Outsider turned Champion evolves from the Fathering Archetype.

The Outsider is a person who feels that they do not belong anywhere. They feel alienated or different to their family of origin or culture and do not quite fit with the philosophical environment of their time. They do not identify with their families of origin, cultures of birth or the cultural of political ideology. Something makes them stand apart which has the effect of leaving them emotionally orphaned.

Such a person often finds themselves in a quandary of having to carve out a unique niche for themselves either professionally, culturally or emotionally. They might have to live in unusual circumstances or entirely new communities or environments that could even be frowned upon by conventional society. The emotional dilemma of longing to belong somewhere, forever lingers in their awareness to no avail, because they feel inherently different and therefore have a challenge with convention in some way. Think of the young man or woman who has a different physical, sexual, religious or philosophical orientation to the majority of their peers and become ostracized. I have seen many such brave people in my counseling practice; the lesbian couple who start a family through donor conception; the single career-mother who braves the corporate world; the executive CEO husband who leaves his family and career to pursue his dream of being a sailing musician; the immigrant who start a new life in a new country away from tradition and family ties with hopes to improve their children’s future; the woman and man who leaves their culture to marry a partner of a different color, religion or language.

It is easy to recognize people with the life-theme of felling like outsiders. They are usually the ones ostracized and bullied by others. They can become silent and withdrawn and hide their creative potential to avoid being ridiculed. From an early age they became intimately familiar with the internal impression that they stand apart from convention. They notice that their ideas differ from the people closest to them as well as to the ideas of their social milieu. Consequently their sense of differentness increases their need to isolate themselves for feeling misunderstood. This kind of emotional experience can be interpreted as failure or incapacity of some kind, which stirs a stronger drive to try harder to fit and belong somewhere. Even so, the emotional experience of not belonging stays with them. People who are true outsiders usually find like-minded people in some narrow aspects of their complex lives and sometimes, if they are very lucky indeed, they meet at least one other outsider whom they can fully relate to.

Outsiders usually reinvent themselves a couple of times over the span of their lifetime. Change and having to adapt to unexpected circumstances, especially the transformation that comes from loss, is an accustomed event for Outsiders. Loss of people, identities, status, jobs, places and countries are commonplace. It is this experience of loss that activates an internal drive to build new physical, emotional and mental spaces.

Every person is born with a life purpose that involves accomplishing a psychological-spiritual task that grows their understanding and evolution beyond the challenges initially posed by circumstances. The life purpose of the Outsider is an archetypal evolutionary process of constructing and restoring oneself after defeat to find their divine purpose of Championing life instead of suffering misery.

A life of constant loss in fulfillment, feeds a need to be emotionally gratified in an imaginary place where one finally have a sense of belonging, whatever that might mean to the individual. The need to belong and the concentrated awareness of not belonging, instills ability for great compassion for others and an ability to lead and take responsibility for change. Before they discover their strength, the outsider depends on others to lead them. Outsiders unconsciously hope to be cared for by compassionate people whom they themselves have the potential to be. They are low in confidence and an internal sense of personal power. They give others authority over them. They feel helplessness, dependence and depressed. The pain of these feelings leads eventually to a choice to claim personal authority and build reliable and supportive personal and organizational systems, or give in to the mournful and depressed emotional pain.

Owning their own strengths turn the outsider into trustworthy leaders; the rocks of society. The damsel in distress longs for a hero to save her but realize that she is the hero herself. The symptoms of helplessness, dependence and depression are usually an indicator to us to reclaim our rightful place on earth. Claiming our position means that we own our power and expertise. The hurt or discomfort of our symptoms urges us to develop the abilities opposite to the symptoms so that we become free of conflict-cycles in our personality.

There is a wonderful synergy between the hardship of the symptoms our ego suffers and the direction the Divine side of the archetype prompts us to find. In reality, all human struggles direct us in the direction of Divine resolution and growth. Defeat, pain and loss experiences contribute to our human awareness of the need for us to connect to the Divine significance of these experiences. While our personality experience this Archetype as painful hardships, the Divine essence of this Archetype opens us to great compassion, championship of others and true leadership. The Archetype takes us through the human experience perceived from our personality perspective to connect with the divine meaning of those experiences, in order to heal and evolve. The Archetypes allows our personalities to experience life that ultimately connects us with our true nature as divine humans. We unstuck from our fears and pain when our personality operates with divine inspiration and perspective.” © Jayni Bloch 2014

The outsider phenomenon is in synonymous with the Champion archetype I describe in my book The Riddle in the Mirror (Balboa 2012) and my workshops describe this archetypal process as the function of the Fathering principle.

Extract from my new book The Outsider © Jayni Bloch (not published yet :-) )

“Contemplating, experiencing and developing the aspects of our being are like dancing between the four seasons. We constantly move between opposite parts of life as we create and build workable procedures that help us sustain our ever-changing life. We adapt and re-create these supporting structures as we change and grow. The dance takes us through opposing rhythms which we experience as ‘waking’ peaks and ‘rest’ peaks that progresses through four revolving seasons of constantly spiraling evolutionary development. Our cognitive activity, conscious effort and action, peaks during times of ‘waking’, and our unconscious receives spiritual revelations which wake us up to new understandings (enlightenment and healing) during times of ‘rest’.”



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