The world of Symbol connects us to divinity.
It is the artists, storytellers and those souls who use symbol and symbol systems, that maintained our connection with the Archetypes over the ages. It is them who kept the symbolic themes, that medicine that indicates the paths of human evolution, alive in our unconscious minds so that we can re-connect our reason with that softer voice of ancestors, memory and future knowing through symbolism that unfolds the divine voice within us which steers our true healing and destiny.
Healers and all people who want to be healed, re-connect with the symbolic world. We bypass our cognitive emotional defense mechanisms through symbolism and can no longer deny the truth about the emotional-spiritual healing work we need to practice.
Join the discussion and my workshops for more on this healing experience and release yourself from the shackles of emotional life challenges.

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I am always fascinated to observe that every week in my psychotherapy practice, there seem to be a theme in the work I do. Despite the very diverse collection of people and problems I deal with, a common theme always emerges from the variety of issues and people I see.
This week the theme clearly stands out as having to deal with limitations of some kind. Some people struggle with not getting the job they wanted; others not having any freedom of expression or acknowledgement in their relationships; others having restrictions on their budgets, food or even behaviors (what they are allowed to do and not); some are restricted in their movement and others in their emotional, spiritual lives even by their own limiting ideas and beliefs.
Having limitations disturb our lifestyle or stop us in reaching the goals we might have had, is frustrating. But, have you ever thought of how those limitations eventually lead to the attainment of personal meaning and success? Those limitations pull us towards our personal destiny and develop our character. The limitation makes us search for new avenues and question ourselves and our motives to find our true intentions. Sometimes we generate fears and have ideas in our minds that trap us into not seeing the opportunities what comes from our limitations. We hang on to illusions of wanting to fight battles against these limitations, or those who limit us, because of the ‘principle of the thing’. But those illusions keep us self-occupied with the wrong message and the wrong action. Limitations should not become an excuse to become passive and negative, or put us on the war-path against it or someone. There is a place and time to fight for a principle, but check if you are not evading the real issue of having to accept that the limitation is really there to guide you to admit your inner truth or learn something of real value for your character. Limitation should instead engage us in participating in finding the creative and constructive purpose in it. We have to see the road forward and not get stuck on avoiding what we really need to do and have to discover because of those limitations.

Genie in the bottle

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“The Outsider turned Champion evolves from the Fathering Archetype.

The Outsider is a person who feels that they do not belong anywhere. They feel alienated or different to their family of origin or culture and do not quite fit with the philosophical environment of their time. They do not identify with their families of origin, cultures of birth or the cultural of political ideology. Something makes them stand apart which has the effect of leaving them emotionally orphaned.

Such a person often finds themselves in a quandary of having to carve out a unique niche for themselves either professionally, culturally or emotionally. They might have to live in unusual circumstances or entirely new communities or environments that could even be frowned upon by conventional society. The emotional dilemma of longing to belong somewhere, forever lingers in their awareness to no avail, because they feel inherently different and therefore have a challenge with convention in some way. Think of the young man or woman who has a different physical, sexual, religious or philosophical orientation to the majority of their peers and become ostracized. I have seen many such brave people in my counseling practice; the lesbian couple who start a family through donor conception; the single career-mother who braves the corporate world; the executive CEO husband who leaves his family and career to pursue his dream of being a sailing musician; the immigrant who start a new life in a new country away from tradition and family ties with hopes to improve their children’s future; the woman and man who leaves their culture to marry a partner of a different color, religion or language.

It is easy to recognize people with the life-theme of felling like outsiders. They are usually the ones ostracized and bullied by others. They can become silent and withdrawn and hide their creative potential to avoid being ridiculed. From an early age they became intimately familiar with the internal impression that they stand apart from convention. They notice that their ideas differ from the people closest to them as well as to the ideas of their social milieu. Consequently their sense of differentness increases their need to isolate themselves for feeling misunderstood. This kind of emotional experience can be interpreted as failure or incapacity of some kind, which stirs a stronger drive to try harder to fit and belong somewhere. Even so, the emotional experience of not belonging stays with them. People who are true outsiders usually find like-minded people in some narrow aspects of their complex lives and sometimes, if they are very lucky indeed, they meet at least one other outsider whom they can fully relate to.

Outsiders usually reinvent themselves a couple of times over the span of their lifetime. Change and having to adapt to unexpected circumstances, especially the transformation that comes from loss, is an accustomed event for Outsiders. Loss of people, identities, status, jobs, places and countries are commonplace. It is this experience of loss that activates an internal drive to build new physical, emotional and mental spaces.

Every person is born with a life purpose that involves accomplishing a psychological-spiritual task that grows their understanding and evolution beyond the challenges initially posed by circumstances. The life purpose of the Outsider is an archetypal evolutionary process of constructing and restoring oneself after defeat to find their divine purpose of Championing life instead of suffering misery.

A life of constant loss in fulfillment, feeds a need to be emotionally gratified in an imaginary place where one finally have a sense of belonging, whatever that might mean to the individual. The need to belong and the concentrated awareness of not belonging, instills ability for great compassion for others and an ability to lead and take responsibility for change. Before they discover their strength, the outsider depends on others to lead them. Outsiders unconsciously hope to be cared for by compassionate people whom they themselves have the potential to be. They are low in confidence and an internal sense of personal power. They give others authority over them. They feel helplessness, dependence and depressed. The pain of these feelings leads eventually to a choice to claim personal authority and build reliable and supportive personal and organizational systems, or give in to the mournful and depressed emotional pain.

Owning their own strengths turn the outsider into trustworthy leaders; the rocks of society. The damsel in distress longs for a hero to save her but realize that she is the hero herself. The symptoms of helplessness, dependence and depression are usually an indicator to us to reclaim our rightful place on earth. Claiming our position means that we own our power and expertise. The hurt or discomfort of our symptoms urges us to develop the abilities opposite to the symptoms so that we become free of conflict-cycles in our personality.

There is a wonderful synergy between the hardship of the symptoms our ego suffers and the direction the Divine side of the archetype prompts us to find. In reality, all human struggles direct us in the direction of Divine resolution and growth. Defeat, pain and loss experiences contribute to our human awareness of the need for us to connect to the Divine significance of these experiences. While our personality experience this Archetype as painful hardships, the Divine essence of this Archetype opens us to great compassion, championship of others and true leadership. The Archetype takes us through the human experience perceived from our personality perspective to connect with the divine meaning of those experiences, in order to heal and evolve. The Archetypes allows our personalities to experience life that ultimately connects us with our true nature as divine humans. We unstuck from our fears and pain when our personality operates with divine inspiration and perspective.” © Jayni Bloch 2014

The outsider phenomenon is in synonymous with the Champion archetype I describe in my book The Riddle in the Mirror (Balboa 2012) and my workshops describe this archetypal process as the function of the Fathering principle.

Extract from my new book The Outsider © Jayni Bloch (not published yet :-) )

“Contemplating, experiencing and developing the aspects of our being are like dancing between the four seasons. We constantly move between opposite parts of life as we create and build workable procedures that help us sustain our ever-changing life. We adapt and re-create these supporting structures as we change and grow. The dance takes us through opposing rhythms which we experience as ‘waking’ peaks and ‘rest’ peaks that progresses through four revolving seasons of constantly spiraling evolutionary development. Our cognitive activity, conscious effort and action, peaks during times of ‘waking’, and our unconscious receives spiritual revelations which wake us up to new understandings (enlightenment and healing) during times of ‘rest’.”


Dreams and visions have always been important to me because they have always communicated deep guidance from the questions that I ask Life during the different stages of my life.
I turned 60 this year and found myself burnt out and exhausted after 17 years of very hard work, but also positive accomplishments, since immigrating to Canada. I eventually completed and published my book, The Riddle in the Mirror, and my work on archetypes and symbolism has also been presented in workshops to promote understanding of our psychological and spiritual healing processes. My husband, Gerald, and I came to a point where we both needed a break and reorientation, so we decided to re-group by doing absolutely nothing for four weeks. I must tell you that that is the hardest thing to do for two very productive perfectionists!
During our break, we slept a lot and went for long walks. Photography, writing and all work was put on the back-burner. I contemplated sewing and painting again, but no creativity was possible in such an exhausted state. I used the only energy I had to provide good healthy food that helped us lose the couple of unnecessary pounds we added to our strain during the past winter. The rest, light exercise and healthy nutrition were the right recipe to put us back in touch with our truest Selves. I started to dream again!
During our long walks, we often spoke about ‘what next?’ where do we go from here with our lives? I have learned during my 60 years of living life that even though my extreme willpower and dedication can force life into directions that logically seems positive for me, those forced interventions are usually contrary to where my Spirit wants to go. This fact has been proved over and over in my history. My destiny is not a rational, purely self-serving or a conventional one. My Higher Self always leads me to unexpected destinies that involve doing and understanding healing processes that serves my own life, family and ancestors as well as everyone I serve in my profession.
Turning 60 feels like a turning point in my life. I know that new clarity is busy unfolding that will help refine what I am doing in my life. I wait for that guidance, knowing that it will appear and that it will lead me step by step into the appropriate direction, as it always does.
A couple of times during our rest period I got great insights that took me by surprise and revealed significant truths, previously hidden to me, that I needed to know before moving forward with my life (more about that later). It is as if I experienced a ‘rebirth’. A new and fresh aspect of my true identity, even more true that before, became shockingly clear. That truth seems to keep on expanding and refining over the years. It took me 60 years to be so clear about who I truly am! The recent revelations were so significant and I realized how interesting consciousness affects our multidimensional understanding of ourselves. The more we heal and learn and are willing to learn and heal, the more is revealed to us that radicalize all the assumptions we used to build our reality on preciously. The only thing that stays true is that we keep on changing and growing, if we wish to do so.
Then, I had a dream last night. At first it felt too simple to be of any significance, but dreams are never trivial.
The dream: ‘My father took me on a journey to a place where I had to get to my own car where I had to travel further to another destination. At that point I was not quite clear where that destination was, but I know that we were pressed for time. When we got to my car, I realized that I have forgotten my car keys, as well as my cellphone. We tried to phone my mother who stayed behind at home, to see if she could bring the keys to where my car was so that we did not have to go back all the way or lose time on the next part of the journey. But we could not connect with my mother. She did not answer the phone which left us frustrated and in a predicament.’
I realized that connecting to my ’mother’ (both my parents are diseased) is the key to the next stage of my journey! It is She (Archetypal Mother), the sensitive, intuitive, all feeling loving side of myself, who can give me access to my keys! I realized that my ‘father’, (Archetypal Father) the rational, willful and active part of myself, was the main contributor whom I relied on to take me to the place where I can go beyond where I came from (home), on my own distinct journey. But, I had forgotten my keys to my car which makes that journey possible. My cellphone which keeps me in touch with my family and ancestors has also been forgotten. I have focused so much on the destination that I have forgotten the tools that makes my journey possible.
Confirming what I already knew, but did not fully live, my Higher Self is telling me to connect with my ‘Mother’ and allow her to contribute and support me, just as I allowed my ‘Father’ to support me, to make it possible to continue on the next step of my journey.
The ‘keys’ to the next step in my journey forward is also the next step in my healing process, which is to accept my ‘Mother’s’ nurturing support and affection. My injured assumptions are that she is unavailable to help with finding and getting the ‘keys’ to me. But this is part of my wounded perceptions that created the concept that I could not rely on her, and is in need of healing. I heal that perception by accepting that all-loving Archetypal Mother is with me. I allow my Mother to speak and connect with me now in her loving and nurturing way. I accept and receive her love. She is no longer ignoring me because I accept her love. She gives me all the help and support I need to have all the keys and tools for my journey forward.
The most significant keys are now revealed. Her Love and His Light is in me. I embrace the Love and the Light within me as I allow balance between Mother and Father Energies. Consciousness and continuous conversation (connection) prevents preference to one or the other. I don’t want to forget my keys again!

Jayni Bloch:

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Join me this June in a Fun and Interactive Workshop, using images to discover your personal Archetypes:
A whole new world of creativity and insight opens up about your life purpose and the reason for your challenges and how they inspire your growth and healing as you are assisted to understand and create your personal archetypal images in a creative and interactive experience.
All of existence, including our psyches, consists of Archetypal designs in the same way that the periodic table of Elements describes the consistency of the chemical structure of our material life. These archetypal patterns are our personal windows through which we are predisposed to view and experience life. As we perceive our lives, colored by the perceptual lenses of the specific archetypes we resonate with by analyzing the patterns of myth that our lives demonstrate in our personal history, we become conscious of our purpose. The…

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My Spirit gives me dreams at times when I have to clearly register a message that will enhance my awareness. The dream highlights a message by focusing my attention attitude and choices in practical life. This kind of communication usually carries a specific theme of learning during a certain time of emotional-spiritual development. For instance the dream I discuss here highlights the importance of observing the wild animal-like aspects or shadow parts of my unconscious as wonderful guides and angels on my path to consciousness and healing. This is a general teaching that points to the fact that these parts are powerful energies that need to be respected but treated with strength, courage and compassion. Whatever I do on the internal level I also do on the external level in the world and people around me.
My dream: I am in Scandinavia (never been there in actual reality) in a very remote location. We are being taken to an even more isolated area north of the continent to observe a special mystical event. The shapes and forms of wild horses appear in the sky and start to fill the heavens. Somehow I sense that these wild horses are actually Angels. They came down to talk to me and others; anyone who would listen. Their messages are not conveyed in language. It is their mystical presences that tell meaningful stories appropriate to every individual who is open to hear whatever it is that they need to know in that moment about themselves to grow. At first I frantically take photographs of the magical phenomenon, but I realize that I am missing out on the ‘experience’. I want to engage with the energy and experience the miracle of the horse-angel figures all around me and in the sky. I stop taking photos and participate in the wonderful peace filling happening. A feeling of acceptance, love, nurturing, appreciation and acknowledgement fills me. The air is bursting with tender magnificence.
I woke up remembering a story I read in Parabola (a magazine; about ill-treated horses that became wild and vicious. They could only be trained by mentors with special personality qualities. The article describes these horse-whisperers to be powerful and sensitive at the same time, just like horses are. The wild horse in training, especially when they have been ill-treated, possesses a dangerous power that can destroy and hurt. The trainer has to match the horse’s power equally to be able to train them with love and disciple and not violence or disrespect. Power is not a controlling force but a sensitive appreciation that deeply respects and loves. The trainer’s compassion and spiritual power brings out the compassion and constructive supremacy of the horse. If the horse is disrespected their power turns destructive. This principle applies to people too. The horse that is trained by a respectful trainer can rely on the fiercely eternal loyalty of the horse and the horse in the same loyalty and care of the trainer. A mutual respect develops from sensitive power.
There are parts of us that are like these wild damaged horses that needs to be heard and faced with courage and spiritual power. These wild horses, the shadow sides in us, become angels that teach us, when we regard them with power and not control or fear. We learn to co-operate with the wild, sometimes damaged parts of ourselves, to become healed champions.
The greatest danger after having mastered our inner wild horses is the temptation to go back to acting with disrespect and ego authority instead of spiritual compassion. The power that is needed to tame wild horses is not ego power; it is a spiritual power that is based in love and respect. Mastery is about humble service for the highest good of all. Mastership is the renunciation of and the triumph over others and a personal temptation and desire for control. This story and dream about the wild horses is a helpful reminder of how to not only treat my own inner shadows but anyone that gives me grief or challenges my capacity to react destructively according to survival instinct.

Because of your courage, power and compassion, all your inner wild beasts will turn to angel-guides on your journey towards healing.

Blessings to you,




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