There is a lot of talk about Magic these days. We all long for life to be lighter, more magical. We long for change that takes us to ‘places’ less heavy and dark. We are all burdened by politics, violence, conflict and pressures to survive. This makes us all long for relief and magical worlds where things are according to our wishes and demands. The question is then: can we get to that magical place in our lives? What is magic anyway?

Jayni- (5 of 12) When I hear people talk about magic it seems to me that they approach it with a lot of willpower and force. Willpower has its place in life but it can be applied with too much ego-effort that is motivated by fear. To me, magic is something that is lighter and more mystical. Magic is a focus and willingness to move through life without effort or force. Magic to me, is when I listen to my heart-mind, knowing that I am held in an invisible Hand. My heart-mind tells me where my body needs to go and my body follows gently and relaxed as I listen to my Heart’s guidance.

Thinking is as powerful as ‘speaking-energy’. Speak the word and it is already so. Think principles of Life and act accordingly and you create life just by thoughts. Act the future by moving your body in the way you think concepts. Allow your body to follow your thoughts. This is the practice of Life. This is what creativity and co-creation, what Magic, is all about. Practice allowing your body and the ‘physical’ to follow and manifest your mind’s thoughts and direction given by your heart. When your heart-mind thinks in terms of Life principles, the creativity that follows is healing and alive; it follows the flow of Life. Creative energy flows when in synch with ‘knowing’, not force. Force drains us. All we need is a willingness to be in this flow of ‘knowingness’ to dance in harmony with our Soul’s calling to create life as it is meant to be. This is Magic.

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All constructive physical growth, development and psychological-spiritual movement, is determined by moving towards ‘knowing’; an active verb, because knowing is always unfolding. Creativity is the Magic that unfolds between what you know and what you don’t know. It keeps us humble. Magic is moving into that future space in our lives that changes the past and what is known; where we face our fallibility with delight, because while our imperfections are real, our ability to create a new constructive reality magically, is truer.

Magic is that half-word (that is still forming) that is more real than the letters it is made up of. Magic is going beyond, going to the ‘beneath, where the light ignites all faults, darkness and imperfections with beauty. This is the gift of being wounded humans; that we learn to overcome, create and grow every second, not through ourselves, but though connecting with that which moves through us, turning the wounds into gifts of healing.

Start to create the positive from the negative; transform the slime into gold by going through the crucible, the whirlpool, the tornado and the earthquake. Accept your darkness and turn it into light.

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Love and Blessings,

Jayni Bloch
M.A. C.Psych.Assoc.

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She arrived late and apologized by announcing her urgent visit to a veterinarian for the care of her dog. The dog’s ails sounded similar to her own physical symptoms. She was surprised about this observation when I mentioned it to her later. I have found this to be a common phenomenon in my work with people who suffer physically because of emotional turmoil. Emotional struggles often manifest physical symptoms, which is taken over by our loving pets. Their love helps us carry illness in our place, so to relieve our suffering to a certain extent. Pets are our protectors, healers and angels. They also try and make us aware and conscious by suffering our symptoms for us. We see more clearly when something is reflecting back to us from the ‘mirror’ outside of us, than looking ‘within’.
My client was obviously sad. She could not hide her despair from me behind her shy giggles and smiles. By listening deeply to her conversation, it became obvious to me that she was still longing for a long lost love in the light of the anniversary of their breakup. Now, many years later, the memory of that pain conjures up physical symptoms. Her dog is trying to help with that burden by suffering the same mysterious symptoms of digestive difficulties. They both feel a lack of joy and delight and cannot tolerate digesting life.
I lead her in meditation to access her higher wisdom and used a deck of Tarot cards by the artist Lisa De St. Croix, to tune into her subconscious story at that moment. Lisa’s artwork is ideal for psychotherapy because the images are universal and archetypal yet not related to any traditional Tarot images that might stir prejudice. I also removed the words on the cards so that the client’s story comes from their authentic unconscious and is only influenced by the archetypal image and not the words on the card. We only use three images that represent the problem, the action out of the problem and the outcome or result of that action taken.

The first story that emerged from the images was a dancing skeleton with a key in hand moving in a vortex of interconnected cells towards the light. This image, (Death), represented her current difficulty or challenge. She identified herself as the skeleton that is stuck and cannot move towards the light, despite the fact that she held a ‘key’. She felt that the key held an obvious solution but that she could not see how to release herself to freedom from her pain.


The next image was a tribe of Brazilian Indians who marched together in defense of their land. My client felt that this image, (Seven of wands), showed her the importance of connecting with others, which she has neglected to do for some time. She currently felt isolated and alone and realize that she has to reach out to others for support and assistance; she need to find her ‘tribe’. This image illustrated the step to take that will support her healing. The more she isolates herself the further she fell into a self-absorbed depression about past hurts.


The last and third image was a woman elevated from her reflection in the water by five swords, into the starry night sky (The ten of swords). She felt that she can move beyond her pain if only she can allow herself to be elevated from the water, but now, this image made her feel hopeful that she can do so.


I lead her into deeper meditation for her to access clear awareness of what was happening in her body to feel where she was carrying her depression. This is when I became aware of uncomfortable tightness in my throat. I asked her what her body felt like at that moment. She reported tightness in her throat! I realized that there is a scream of sorrow that wanted to be let out, but was stuck; she, the ‘skeleton’ was stuck in the past, even though she held the key, she did not know how to use it! She suppressed her sorrow so deeply. I asked her to scream out loud and proceeded to shout to encourage her follow my example. She broke down in tears saying that this is the first time she can cry in many years, but that she felt too afraid to scream. The last time she screamed was when ‘he’ left her and she was too afraid to lose herself in that pain again.The suppression of her pain made it emotionally unbearable to take life in, and the pain sought a way out to free her life-supporting channels!

Then I remembered the Wasp that visited my kitchen over the weekend! I noticed a vicious looking wasp sitting high up on the wall. Somehow he came in while the screen door was temporarily open. This Wasp held so much power over me with his threatening presence to cause me stinging pain and rob me of my peacefulness in my kitchen. I had to get rid of him. But how could I get him out of my territory, without angering him into an attack? I knew that the only way to do so was to face up to the challenge and confront him with an active humane human trap in which I was the action-hero. The mere thought of catching him in a bottle, and securing the open side with a firm cardboard to prevent his escape, had me sweating. He was a dangerous threat to me but I did not want to kill him; I just want to set him free and rid him out of my territory. I chose to conjure up all my courage to act with efficient stealth and a good plan.

I did what I had to. I climbed up a chair, stared the wiggling wasp in the face, smacked the glass bottle over his body, fully aware of the gamble I took if I missed, and shifted the cardboard under the opening the instant he moved towards the closed side of the bottle. I held on tightly with the vigorously squirming wasp in the bottle, until I got down from the chair and took the whole shebang outside. My body was pumping with adrenaline and my hands did not stop shaking for a couple hours afterwards. I placed the closed bottle on a table outside and decided that the next step of releasing the wasp will have to wait until I gathered my next bout of courage. My kitchen however, was safe and peaceful again. The wasp was released later that night from his trap. I felt great having acted with courage and a determined well thought our plan to protect myself and my family by taking back ownership of my kitchen.

Now, during my session with this client, I realize that this experience was the embodiment of the healing process of dealing with past pains. Past emotional trauma is like a Wasp that visits your safe emotional space. It intrudes and threatens your life with pain; the possibility of being attacked, claiming power over you! My client needs to scream out her pain; that was what her body told her. The Wasp of the past trauma was still sitting in her throat and choking her life force. She could not let any joy in; absorb food or pleasure, or let anything out; the pain that she still held onto. The wasp was sitting in her throat. Face the ‘wasp’ and despite your fear shout it out and reach out to let life in again dear woman. Don’t let the wasp of pain keep you trapped. Recognize the wasp and take it to freedom with all the courage that you have in you. You have the key to freedom! You can reach out to others that will make you happy and you are elevated out of the despair of your own mind.
If you leave the intruding wasp on the wall, you live in constant fear of the pain and give the wasp control over your life. The only way to get rid of the threat hanging there with you in your psychological territory is to face it head on with all the courage you have. You do have the upper hand and know exactly how to outsmart the threat and let it go if you listen to your deepest inner wisdom. All you need to do is act, despite your fear. Every time a past pain visits you, it is like a wasp flying into your soul that threatens your happiness. Claim your joy by releasing the unwelcome visitor from the trap by trapping it to freedom. The Wasp is also your healer; it is your message and angel to teach you the same determination and skills it possesses.


This photo was sent to me by Camelia Elias associate professor at Roskilde University in Denmark. It was taken form the Emily Dickson Tarot deck. The Wasp symbolizes the Emperor in the Major Arcana.

My research shows that in some African traditions, the wasp is a symbol of evolution and control over life circumstances, which fits my experience about the symbolism of the Emperor Archetype. The Emperor evolves the past to move into a new future through choice, planning, practical ‘building’ and courage. A Native American Indian tribal myth indicates that the wasp is a creator of earth (it is the practical manifestation of transformation. It is a symbol of order, organization as well as productivity; so it is symbolic of new beginnings, starting new projects and again fitting the archetype of the Emperor. In the Shamanic tradition the Wasp symbolized fighting the good fight.
Questions to ask oneself when a Wasp appears are:
“How do I transform my pain into power, death into new life, suffering into joy?”; “Am I aligning myself with my truest spirit-goals?”, “Am I procrastinating about something because of my melancholy about past losses?”, “Am I keeping myself from reaching my highest potential?”, “Am I allowing my progress to be held back by others; giving my power away?”
Wasps are perfect totems for those of us who need a bit of organized focus, own our own authority, not give our power away and serve community with our assistance and assertive communication. The wasp-Emperor is a master architect, planer, champion, leader and protector.
Own your true spirit and transform the past into serving your truest goals on earth.

My client immediately realized how appropriate the wasp story was to her. During this phase of her life it is her opportunity to find her ‘power’. Her spiritual task right now is to learn to speak up by asserting her claim to life and happiness (the throat chakra). The signs and symptoms she experience as well as her astrological chart confirms this theme of “the Emperor” in her process of growth at the moment. This is how she will use the key and move towards the light without being stuck, connect with supporting community and be elevated from her despair.

The signs and symbols all around us every day are the deeper side of our essence speaking to us though its reflections; making us aware of what we are cognitively unaware of; leading us to grow, heal, evolve and transform. Open yourself to this deeper awareness and grow.

Love and Blessings to you.
Jayni Bloch

Trust your inner Judgment when she speaks. She is the wisdom that helps you discern the chaff from the corn, so you can discard and separate the unwanted and unwarranted destructive people, events and information and stand your ground for truth and justice.

Judgement is an archetype that we need in life. We all have a sense of Justice and we all Judge. Judgment is Justice in action. She is the archetypal keeper of necessary order, principles and organization in society. Without her discernment and exercising of healthy ‘pruning’, there can be no healthy growth or creativity. The boundaries and order she discerns with her wisdom create safety for development and transformation, on the condition that the order is not condescending or crushing of the human spirit (the shadow side of Justice).

Her direction enhances compassion; it inspires and encourages commitment, cooperation, and receptivity to change. It empowers and gives the confidence to grow. But order is firm, neutral and sometimes has to be ruthless and final if it is effective. Its function is to create safety for truth and well-being to flourish. The firm merciless side of Justice’s Judgment is necessary to root and weed out damaging forces that counter productivity, cooperation, growth and transformation in individuals and society.

Listening to your inner Justice helps you to develop the vital and necessary skill to discern wise Judgment. Justice holds scales in her one hand that measures all the information with great reflective seriousness. She listens to Divine guidance while measuring the facts objectively in order to make valid and helpful Judgment that improves all of life. And then she uses her powerful sword to justly cut the unnecessary disturbances from the healthy energies so that new life can unfold. This Archetypal process helps you to focus and invest in positive possibilities for your own and the advancement of all, and stop the leakage of life energy on negativity.

The archetype of Justice leads to Judgment which is illuminated insight into the true sense of right and wrong. She teaches and gives feedback. The sense of right and wrong is that judgment about what helps all of life to flourish. Judgment is practiced and exercised with divine insight, not personal prejudice so that justice is done. Judgment models regeneration and creates transformation by living what she preaches. Her insight creates insight in others and spreads new life force in all. She encourages us to keep on changing; adapting to what promotes evolution of consciousness; the new realizations that makes us divine beings.


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People are not entities independent of one another. Each one of us are related to the rest of us, whether we like it or not. Whatever our skills or talents, whatever our wounds, we are all in dialogue with each other about our very human nature. Seeing our own shadows in the mirror the other person hold up to us, opens our hearts to realize how in reality we are complementary to each other. It is only by cooperating and by exchanging ideas that we move beyond our limitations. We have to accept that the ‘other’ completes our nature.
For example, when the desire to achieve cerebral knowledge combines with the creative instinctive energies, intellectual concepts transform into true wisdom that enhances life for all. When those with the skill for language work with those who meditate beyond words in sacred silence, superiority and indifference transforms into profound astuteness. When continuous productivity meets devastation as its complimentary force, excess and emptiness transforms into endless cycles of harvesting incubating potential. When material power and spiritual power unites, dictatorship and illusion is transformed into a practical discernment to safeguard all of humanity. When new cognitive understanding and unconscious revelations meets in harmony, our pride and shadow compulsions are transformed into divine mindfulness. When our indulgent need for pleasure renders us immobile and we meet the counterpart ‘shake-up’ encounter, it brings us spiritual insight. Narcissism and inaccessibility transforms into supportive unions. When the constant seeking of advancement and conquest meets cultivation, it transforms futility and neglect into success. Excellence becomes intolerant and ruthless without its complimentary ability for divine receptiveness, which in turn becomes tormented flexibility without embodying the universal laws that creates excellence. Individuals who have the vision to build of new realities can easily turn into isolation. When they connect with those with a drive to inspire the collective, their individual visions can manifest, otherwise the public will feel their work is too nebulous and egotistical. When one life cycle ends and just before another begins, this energy of death and rebirth, announces a state of limbo, which needs the complimentary energy of receptive physical senses, so that we can accept our divine connection within our human world and not try to escape it. This makes us accept ourselves as Spiritual beings in physical vehicles journeying to evolve consciousness.
Let’s work together and combine our personality and spiritual resources, rather than resist and fight each other thinking that we are independent of each other.
Blessings to you all,

The other day I heard it again on a Television Talk-show. An academic, criticized a clearly intelligent and well informed woman with a strong political opinion for daring this opinion without having a university degree! Her sensitive and well thought-out observations during living circumstances informed her opinion that she also researched and tested informally.

It angers me greatly when I come across this kind of arrogant academic that thinks that only people with PhD’s have access to wisdom and understanding and are the only ones with the right to express informed opinions. People who gain valid insights thought practical experience that we can learn from and are worth contemplating, are just as intelligent and maybe even more appropriate, to any academic research.

While academic studies are a powerful tool to develop some objective skills and mind practices, it is not the only way to contribute to society’s advancement. Science can also become a questionably rigid and self-serving institution with no true innovative or helpful ideas. It stymies people’s creative potential. Academics need to adhere to unbiased principles and include and acknowledge non-linear thinkers. Minds that measure high in non-verbal abilities do not do well with retaining facts just to repeat them to impress others with intellectual knowledge. We are all well aware that verifying knowledge in this way is a skill where gathered information is being reiterated, parrot- style and relies on retaining and memory-recall. Non-linear and non-verbal minds prefer to solve problems though visualization and creative metaphor. Insights are gained through observation and experience, mostly because of a talent for pattern recognition in human and other interaction. Non-linear and non-verbal minds are holistic and are creative imaginary thinkers with a visionary ability to act on practical solutions and tap untapped potential. To me, this is what true science is all about. The time has come for all kinds of minds to respect and appreciate each other!

Our society is in need of reformation of all its school systems from primary to posts-grad, to include not only verbally gifted but also non-verbal individuals, if we want to succeed to develop humanity.

You – gatherer of material facts…the stuff that you can see and measure,

You are not the master of all…even though you think so.

You – who tell us that, words written in dictionaries and material reason is the only reality

You are not the master of all things known…

You – gatherer of material facts, know that you know only some of it…

Your other half lives in us…

Earth-wisdom… that intelligence that rides on wind and sun and rain and form the earth…

We are the half of you that you do not want… the half of you that you need to live by…

You – the gathering of material facts, the stuff that you can see and measure, halts you to meet us

Your life depends on it…don’t let your arrogance discard us

With Love and Appreciation to you all,


Unaware of the potential for wholeness our own unconscious holds, we perceive life form only particular archetypal perspectives that are most prominent and immediately conscious to us at a certain point in time. We project when we perceive in others, and allocate to them, positive as well as negative qualities that are born from personal one-sided conscious and unconscious viewpoints because of our limited perspectives. The positive projections come mostly from our conscious viewpoints and the negative ones from our unawareness of what we hold in our own unconscious. This makes us prone to only relate to what we are aware of, like or desire, which we then notice in others. We feel that we have to discard, fear and judge all that we do not consciously relate to and notice others with judgment who expresses these qualities that we do not like. All unconscious projections that are allocated to others however, are part of our very own shadow potential.

We all perceive and interpret everything we experience in life through the lenses of the predisposed key archetypes in our personality. Although we have all of the possible archetypes present in our psyche, some of them stand out for good reason. The couple of Archetypes that plays the main roles in our lives and the construction of our personality are the ones with the specific themes that we are meant to learn about during this particular time in our overall development. These themes have both positive and destructive potential. Every person has a different selection of immediate archetypes that affects them. Unaware of the complete range of archetypes from where the personal selection originates, we either relate, or not, to others because of similarities or differences in our given selection.

Our overall development as a species, span over many eons. As individuals we take part in a specific moment in the whole of time in humankind’s’ evolution. Our personal contribution to the whole of humanities development is usually focused on a particular aspect which makes us lose perspective of that big picture that we are a small part of. Our personal life-mission fits into the many bigger trans-personal evolutionary cycles that we take part in. We grow and develop but we also destroy and suffer as a whole. Usually the atrocities in history carry the collective shadow of our human psyche. Every era has its personal and collective shadows to deal with. This is why it is important to understand the psychological defense mechanism of projection in the process of healing. Whatever destructive potential we are unaware of, are acted out through someone who has to show us what we are actually unconsciously doing to each other. Unfortunately we have a tendency to focus on how bad the person or group is, instead of noticing how they reflect our own human unconscious traits to us.

We could support our lives better if we were aware of all the archetypes that makes up the whole and that could also help us gauge our position on the ‘map’ of the learning phases we go through. We will also accept others who differ from us better, when we realize that they are reminding us of the parts of ourselves that are not immediately in our awareness. These parts can either be the denied or suppressed destructive aspects of our own archetypal theme, or some of the other archetypal themes that forms the rest of the other parts of the whole picture. For example, if the whole picture is a wheel with many spokes, we might only be conscious of one or two spokes of the many that exists. The more comprehensive our awareness is of all the archetypes and it’s positive and negative human and Divine potential, the greater the probability of being ‘objective’.

As individuals, we are in fact a product of what has gone before and will participate in life to determine what kind of consciousness individuals will develop after us.

As a particular contributor to evolution, you are linked to the past and the future, and you have the power to change consciously by choice within certain parameters. Those parameters relate to the archetypal themes you are meant to discover the Divine uses for. Miracles happen when the Divine qualities of the archetypes express itself in your physical life. Your own choices and willingness to grow and heal determines how that archetypal potential is accessed and used to heal what was left undone in the past and it determines the foundation to give people that follow you a solid springboard for further evolution.

Come learn about the ‘big picture’ and find yourself on the Archetypal map of Life. Discover your projections and heal your life; your physical and spiritual health and relationships. Get in touch with your Unconscious Creative mind and allow it to participate with your rational mind. Join one of my workshops.

Jayni Bloch

Sometimes, clients visit my office with problems related to low self-esteem. It is a conundrum for them that turn their lives miserable. They often feel helpless and caught up in the struggle to distinguish between their own right to feel confident and when they actually exceed the mark of righteousness and become arrogant or intrude on others needs or rights.

Many people of our era suffer a lack of self-worth especially when they have to set limits and assert boundaries with others. We are only able to assert ourselves and feel good about our daily experiences when we value ourselves. A lack of setting boundaries can actually affect our happiness-level. Without the confidence to set limitations we might get involved with people who treat us badly or we find ourselves in abusive relationships that we cannot get away from, thinking that it is our own fault. People with low self-esteem usually blame themselves and suffer extreme guilt about life or carry the responsibility for others bad behavior.

Our self-esteem issues are sometimes linked to the kind of relationships we had as a child that imprinted negative impressions of who we are and should be onto our conscious and subconscious minds. The result is that no matter how hard we work on a rational level to change these impressions, they still persist on a deeper unconscious level, affecting all that we do.

How we value ourselves is intimately linked to how we accept and love ourselves unconditionally. Unconditional love does not mean that we are unwilling to grow and learn. In fact unconditional love makes us more open to learning and healing ourselves.

To start accepting ourselves and grow a sense of healthy esteem, we have to practice stepping into feeling self-worth by using positive statements. For instance, the statement: “I love and accept myself, even though I feel imperfect” re-frames and confirms to our unconscious mind that we are prepared to learn how to be worthy in this life. This practice is a form of Rational Emotive therapy. Our rational mind does not have to believe what we say, but it is accepting the confirmation form our subconscious need deep within ourselves to be accepted and loved. Sometimes acceptance of ourselves takes on a deeper meaning when we become aware of different parts and aspects within our personality that we realize are cognitively unacceptable to us. When we accept that these particular parts within us serve us with specific defensive functions and contributes to our life in certain ways with the intention to protect and help us even though they might also harm us, we can accept their existence. A paradoxical event happens within our psyche when we accept and understand the functions of the initially despised parts in ourselves; the moment we acknowledge these parts of ourselves with unconditional acceptance, it frees us to make choices in our behavior. Now we do not have to act in the ways that we did not accept about ourselves before because we know why we did so and because we love ourselves we have a choice about how to act and be. There is no longer an unconscious need for the unloved part to act out. We need to connect with our internal truth to be able to love ourselves. Self-love is not a rational activity alone but an experience of complete acceptance of all that is good and bad within us. Self-love is a process of discovering who we truly are and how to accept all of that we are in reality.

This process of healing requires us to become conscious of sides that are sometimes painful to recognize. It is easy to like the personality aspects of ourselves that are likable and desirable or socially acceptable. We are conditioned to do that. When we ignore, deny, judge or reject the parts of ourselves that we do not want, we sustain a low self-esteem. In fact the more we try to get rid of these parts within that we do not want, the more they persist. We then start to experience conflict and discomforts that serve as inner urges that force us to investigate the origin of the unrecognized or hidden sides that needs our attention and healing.

We might seem to be confident on the surface, and even seem to be successful, but the confidence and success could be a product of compensatory behavior to hide a deep hidden feeling of worthlessness. It is through working with the subconscious mind that we can reclaim our self-worth.

When the time is right to acknowledge underlying unrecognized parts of ourselves, they will surface as conflicts and symptoms and provoke a need to seek guidance to heal the wounds of worthlessness. Psychotherapy is a helpful way to get guidance in healing yourself.

Jayni Bloch © rewrote on 21 May 2015 from the original 7 March 2004


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