The world of Symbol connects us to divinity.
It is the artists, storytellers and those souls who use symbol and symbol systems, that maintained our connection with the Archetypes over the ages. It is them who kept the symbolic themes, that medicine that indicates the paths of human evolution, alive in our unconscious minds so that we can re-connect our reason with that softer voice of ancestors, memory and future knowing through symbolism that unfolds the divine voice within us which steers our true healing and destiny.
Healers and all people who want to be healed, re-connect with the symbolic world. We bypass our cognitive emotional defense mechanisms through symbolism and can no longer deny the truth about the emotional-spiritual healing work we need to practice.
Join the discussion and my workshops for more on this healing experience and release yourself from the shackles of emotional life challenges.

Blessings to you all,



Sometimes, clients visit my office with problems related to low self-esteem. It is a conundrum for them that turn their lives miserable. They often feel helpless and caught up in the struggle to distinguish between their own right to feel confident and when they actually exceed the mark of righteousness and become arrogant or intrude on others needs or rights.

Many people of our era suffer a lack of self-worth especially when they have to set limits and assert boundaries with others. We are only able to assert ourselves and feel good about our daily experiences when we value ourselves. A lack of setting boundaries can actually affect our happiness-level. Without the confidence to set limitations we might get involved with people who treat us badly or we find ourselves in abusive relationships that we cannot get away from, thinking that it is our own fault. People with low self-esteem usually blame themselves and suffer extreme guilt about life or carry the responsibility for others bad behavior.

Our self-esteem issues are sometimes linked to the kind of relationships we had as a child that imprinted negative impressions of who we are and should be onto our conscious and subconscious minds. The result is that no matter how hard we work on a rational level to change these impressions, they still persist on a deeper unconscious level, affecting all that we do.

How we value ourselves is intimately linked to how we accept and love ourselves unconditionally. Unconditional love does not mean that we are unwilling to grow and learn. In fact unconditional love makes us more open to learning and healing ourselves.

To start accepting ourselves and grow a sense of healthy esteem, we have to practice stepping into feeling self-worth by using positive statements. For instance, the statement: “I love and accept myself, even though I feel imperfect” re-frames and confirms to our unconscious mind that we are prepared to learn how to be worthy in this life. This practice is a form of Rational Emotive therapy. Our rational mind does not have to believe what we say, but it is accepting the confirmation form our subconscious need deep within ourselves to be accepted and loved. Sometimes acceptance of ourselves takes on a deeper meaning when we become aware of different parts and aspects within our personality that we realize are cognitively unacceptable to us. When we accept that these particular parts within us serve us with specific defensive functions and contributes to our life in certain ways with the intention to protect and help us even though they might also harm us, we can accept their existence. A paradoxical event happens within our psyche when we accept and understand the functions of the initially despised parts in ourselves; the moment we acknowledge these parts of ourselves with unconditional acceptance, it frees us to make choices in our behavior. Now we do not have to act in the ways that we did not accept about ourselves before because we know why we did so and because we love ourselves we have a choice about how to act and be. There is no longer an unconscious need for the unloved part to act out. We need to connect with our internal truth to be able to love ourselves. Self-love is not a rational activity alone but an experience of complete acceptance of all that is good and bad within us. Self-love is a process of discovering who we truly are and how to accept all of that we are in reality.

This process of healing requires us to become conscious of sides that are sometimes painful to recognize. It is easy to like the personality aspects of ourselves that are likable and desirable or socially acceptable. We are conditioned to do that. When we ignore, deny, judge or reject the parts of ourselves that we do not want, we sustain a low self-esteem. In fact the more we try to get rid of these parts within that we do not want, the more they persist. We then start to experience conflict and discomforts that serve as inner urges that force us to investigate the origin of the unrecognized or hidden sides that needs our attention and healing.

We might seem to be confident on the surface, and even seem to be successful, but the confidence and success could be a product of compensatory behavior to hide a deep hidden feeling of worthlessness. It is through working with the subconscious mind that we can reclaim our self-worth.

When the time is right to acknowledge underlying unrecognized parts of ourselves, they will surface as conflicts and symptoms and provoke a need to seek guidance to heal the wounds of worthlessness. Psychotherapy is a helpful way to get guidance in healing yourself.

Jayni Bloch © rewrote on 21 May 2015 from the original 7 March 2004



Knowledge and understanding touches only the surface of true meaning. It connects logically with the symbolism that is actually the Soul/Spirit ‘Riddle’ and not the final outcome of the message we need to receive from happenings and synchronistic experiences.

Observation and interpretation is not enough. We need to reach deeper….Solving the ‘Riddle’, happens when we sit in Silence with the symbol, allowing it to speak to us divinely. Divine reaches back to us, sometimes over time, as we allow ourselves to reach towards mystery and surprise to unfold as it may, always with surprise. The mind is a wonder, but it is impotent without Divine Inspiration. Together, our humanness and Divine inside form an alchemy that ignites the unexpected to manifest. That is the Riddle in the Mirror of Life.

Exercising some form of observational practice becomes a continuous meditation and openness to listening to Divine. My dreams, photography, poetry and art for instance are such forms of ‘tuning in’ and meditating. My photographs are ‘moments of becoming’; experiences that are Symbols of Happenings. These Symbols of Happenings unfold into Divine Messages containing energy of transformation and development for me.

Other forms of tuning in are using various symbol systems. It is not the tool that has the answer. The tool is but a ‘riddle’, in the same way any dream or experience is, that leads to the mediation and conversation with Divine that reveals the ‘answer’. Our Minds are sometimes too keen to prove how clever we are by inventing answers without Divine Guidance. True Divination is a practice in humility.

Find how you tune in to Divine and receive true Soul-answers to the riddles in your life experiences that move your growth and healing.

Love and Blessings Always,


Carl Gustav Jung said that “The unconscious contains the wisdom and experience of untold ages, and thus forms an unparalleled guide “and “a source of higher wisdom”. He was talking about the collective unconscious that manifests in archetypal symbolism.
In Transformations and Symbols of the Libido, Jung describes the content s of the unconscious as primordial images, or Gods of dominating laws, powers and principles. He came up with the term Archetypes that describes these primordial laws. This is why I call it the Faces of God; aspects of what we and Creation are made of.JayniBloch (6 of 13)
The language of the unconscious is symbolic. Therefore the human brain receives images of these laws unconsciously during experiences like synchronicities and dreams which need to be translated into meaningful communications; kind of translated so that our logical mind can accept it as meaningful. When our cognitive minds discard these unconscious laws that express itself in symbolism, our psyches becomes susceptible to our dark, unknowingly negative, nature. The collective unconscious affects us profoundly when we stay unconscious of these powers that are both constructive and destructive. It is important to know of these powers and laws, but not to identify with them, despite the fact that we automatically do so from a place of deep desire for an individual identity. We are all unique and individualistic, yet we are social beings, and also part of a universal and collective process of evolution, that connects us to humanity and the universe. Despite our individual story there is a story that is bigger than the individual that pulls us into it whether we want to or not. This is what I want to explain in my workshops and writing, so that you will be able to understand how your individual story connects you to the bigger story of humanity.
In his 1918 paper “On the unconscious”, Jung describes human nature as standing between two worlds: the world of perceiving the external and the world of perceiving the unconscious. The world of the unconscious is a world of laws even though it is not measurable in ways that today’s sciences teach us. Modern sciences instils that the measurable is objective and the unmeasurable is subjective. The Archetypes, or the primordial God images that represent the dominant laws and principles in life itself, are objective in itself and cannot change, although it can manifest in infinite potentialities. These same objective principles with infinite manifestation potential, is subjectively experienced and observed by the human psyche that identifies with particular aspects of these objective laws. We are intimately attached and entangled with these archetypal themes as they appear in our lives as processes of development as well as character traits in the ego-states of our personality, which we experience unconsciously though our subjective interpretations of the archetypes. I thus believe that we perceive the external world subjectively and have to discover the objective world of the unconscious where we encounter and perceive the principles of life, the faces of god, of which we are unwillingly part of anyway. Become willingly part of this world and your life changes radically. In Chapter 6 of my book The Riddle in the Mirror, a journey in search of healing (2012), I explain many of these concepts.
We naturally identify unconsciously with the archetypes, but this unconscious identification poses a danger to us, because while we believe that we are in control of our choices in life these archetypal laws rule. In other words, we do not know that we identify with unconscious laws that rule our lives until the day we become conscious of these laws. Up until the point of consciousness, we are vulnerable to live lives ruled by the unconscious powers, and not even know that we have no free will in our lives. The power of these laws overrides our conscious minds and conscious will and can only support us when we are conscious of these laws. Free choice is only possible when we realize how the collective archetypes demand our ‘obedience’ while unconscious.
Jung further describes in 1921 the personal identity, or ‘I’ as “the subject of my consciousness while the Self is the subject of my totality; hence it also includes the unconscious psyche.” He alludes to the personality as an entity that contains many parts and qualities but where the person only identifies with particular parts of their innate potential. I describe in detail how I theoretically construct the personality with its ego states and how they resemble the archetypes with its enormous potential in Chapter 6 of my book the Riddle in the Mirror.
What I have found in my own life, as well as my professional experience, is that we live through archetypal cycles of life in which the archetypal theme tries to reach our conscious minds through dreams, experiences and synchronicities. This means that these archetypal cycles carry a theme within it that impresses on our experiences with images directly from the collective unconscious that resembles that specific archetypal theme we encounter, without prior acquaintance with them. In other words, the theme impresses its symbols on us despite our knowledge of the theme, but when we know about the theme, we are so much better equipped to deal with life because we know what it is about to support us with. The spontaneous emerging of themes and images in dreams for instance demonstrates the universality and collective reality of this unconscious world. Be willing to recognize it and regard its symbolism for it contains an important lesson for us to add to our awareness in our progress in life.
Join my workshops or send requests for me to present workshops in your area. My workshops take you through a journey of understanding the archetypes and how to use them for your personal emotional and spiritual development and healing. I have studied, investigated and experienced them during my fascination and research of them for over 25 years. You will understand why there are themes in your life that does not disappear easily and learn how to use these themes constructively. You will also connect the psychological defense mechanisms with these themes and understand where your defense comes from.
Love and Blessings to you all,

We are talking about relationships again! No-one gets enough of this subject because it seems so paramount to our happiness.

Do not underestimate the power of the unconscious mind my friends. Today we love to only focus on the cognitive, but be assured; you will not go far in life without accessing your unconscious patterns if you want to heal and life a happy life. My book “The Riddle in the Mirror – a journey in search of healing”, describes the importance of recognizing how you’re personal and relationship problems originate in family and ancestral wounds. Your personal story relates to your cultural and ancestral story as a means for personal as well as collective healing. These stories are Archetypal in nature and guide our development and spiritual evolution.

Partners reflect/mirror each other…or the family line legacy that is not yet dealt with internally. Depending on where you are in terms of having healed your ancestral history and developed your psychological spiritual health, you will see yourself and what you need to heal and where you need to grow, in your relationships with the closest people around you. If your partner does not grow with you, or allow you to grow, you need to grow without that person, or you will only stay a ‘seed’ with unreleased potential who repeats patterns of conflict without moving forward from it. We are here to evolve and partners are guides along the way for where and how to develop. Sometimes we outgrow our partners when they do not grow with us. This is why it is important to choose a partner that develops with you. As you learn, they learn and you keep on reflecting and supporting each other in growth. When this does not happen, we feel stuck and unhappy.


Take your time and do not rush to make a relationship permanent, unless you have clarity about the depth of your partner’s commitment to keep on growing with you. Their intention might be there, but they may be incapable because of their entrapment with old family legacies. Appeal to your partner to heal this in therapy urgently, for the health of the individual as well as the relationship. If you partner has self-centered reasons for their connection with you it will reveal itself in their behavior over time.

The problem with our current era is that we commit to permanent relationships too soon and when we are too young, innocent or unready to select a true life partner. Choosing a life partner can mostly only happen after you had a variety of experiences with people who have shown you yourself in their reflection so that you can grow to become ready for the real deal. The real deal happens when you recognize that person who is capable of continuously moving and growing with you and when both of you have healed to the extent that you are not stuck in historic patterns where you project onto each other. This requires effort and dedication and above all honesty and humility in your communication with yourself as well as your partner. Clear communication is only possible when you assert you needs and principles without compromise. Allowing abuse, addiction or over dependence and especially manipulation or dishonesty will lead to frustration and loneliness. When there is no movement or growth in your partnership you need to be clear about and hold your partner accountable for living up to the principles and requirements for a healthy connection. These requirements; the basic relationship needs and principles, are what motivate everyone’s growth and makes you both people happy. Of course this is not something you do alone; partnership is a two way street.

Open connectivity and communication is a basic requirement in relationships. So is taking responsibility and ownership of your participation to make the relationship work. Be aware of people who project all the problems onto you and be sure that you do not do so. Sensitive listening and reflection on how to adjust your behavior and attitude, helps promote a more harmonious connection. Your love for each other motivates you to change. When both of you move closer towards each others basic principles, you build a bridge between your worlds. If you or your partner is not willing to participate in building a bridge, change and growth is not possible. You need to recognize that. Don’t waste your time. If there are no changes, willingness and true efforts with no results over a period of time, your relationship is not going anywhere and is a painful repetitive treadmill of behavior that will stay as it is. People who are willing to work on relationships and self-growth, show true growth within a couple of weeks which stays consistent and does not revert back to the original problems. When original problems reoccur without any improvement, you must know you are in trouble. Accept it or leave.

If something is not working in your relationship and you are unhappy or experience constant conflict, start reflecting on how you are repeating patterns that resemble ancestral legacies and themes in your life. Then become clear about YOUR deepest truest needs and not those of society or family. Be true to yourself. Assimilate the lessons you have learned through past relationships and be conscious not to repeat the patterns that taught you those lessons in the first place. You want to move on, not keep on repeating the same lessons. Become clear about the kind of person whom will be able to learn and grow with you and be capable of honest reflection and adjustment, just as you are.
Take your time and do not rush to make a relationship permanent, unless you have clarity about the depth of your partner’s commitment to keep on growing for their own sake as well as with you.

Be happy and blessed in your Love life!


“I am with a small group of outcasts. We are on our way to be judged for doing something unacceptable. We have to wait in quarters that are half way underground. We pass servants who use to passage performing various duties. I bump into a worker holding a falcon while tying ropes tightly around the bird’s feet and beak in an attempt to restrain it. Infused with anger and determination to save the bird, I snatch it from the worker and frantically remove the ropes and ties, despite my precarious position. A sense of otherworldly authority wells up in me; I have to protect and care for the bird; I am the bird, the bird is me; the bird is all birds in creation. The bird is the Archetype Air. Her wisdom, insight and free flying creativity is captured and held bondage; put in cages to be commanded, used as possessions to impress….. and her message gets lost. I comfort her gently as her heart beats against my body. A tear drops from her eye like hot blood on my skin. She cries out in pain for the disrespect of her wisdom and right to be free.”
I wake up disturbed by the horror of the gracious bird’s distress, and remember how when I took photographs of a similar bird in 2009 at a bird-show, the bird broke free and flew off to never be found again. Who knows if it is a good or a bad thing, because it is nice to get to meet and experience these beautiful birds of prey? But my heart retorts to their need to be free as I contemplate the occurrence of their breakaway from captivity behavior symbolically again, especially after my intense dream with a similar bird. It is all about how we use the Element and Archetype of Air in our current life.
Is information and wisdom captured and tamed to be kept as ‘pets’ for enrichment or entertainment? Is information and insight categorized by procedures and controlling regulations to the extent that its dynamic creative potential becomes smothered like birds in tether?
Regard creative wisdom and the potential for dynamic creativity as we communicate and connect with all that exist. Birds and AirBlessings to you,


There is a time for everything; a time to plant and a time to reap; a time to give birth to new things and a time to clean out the old and outdated. Life happens, just like the seasons, in cycles of growth, renewal and endings of what becomes obsolete.
Everything is about to change when unplanned and unreasonable challenges creeps up on me to disrupt my comfortable and familiar modes and patterns. Things cannot possibly continue as they were in the past because unforeseen political and social circumstances, that I have no control over, interfere with my life and unnerve my comfort zone. You are very familiar with this feeling too. For instance, when the title that I have used for describing and doing the work of my career of over 30 years, suddenly gets regulated and is unavailable to use, which affects the way I earn my living, I have a problem. Not only one circumstance, but many that contains signs which correspond with the same massage of change are noticeable the moment we have to face a new approach in life. Every aspect in our daily life in a variety of ways will reflect the message that change is necessary. Be open to recognize that message in the variation of events as it is ever so subtle as it builds up over time. Life gentle nudges us to change by preparing us with indirect challenges.
I have learned from past experience that these niggling disturbances are necessary to wake me up to important creative change. To be too comfortable is to be asleep and not use my creativity to constantly grow and develop. The niggling irritations of life, which can also be difficult to handle challenges me to renew my commitment to my truest mission in life. It forces me to re-think what and how I am living.
Instead of resisting and fighting change, I now use my creativity to contemplate new avenues of doing what I do best to serve humanity with my gifts and talents. I have realized that comfort zones limit my creative productivity; I tend to hide my truest Self behind these comfort zones when they last too long. Discomfort challenges me to excel my talents and gifts whereas artificial ‘safe’ zones keep my resourcefulness in a slumbering state. I believe that challenges wake me up to my true destiny when it is time for new discoveries. If I cooperate and use the challenge as inspiration to grow I will advance to greater heights and if I resist, ‘change’ will be forced upon me in ways that I perhaps would not like at all. I allow myself to clean the slate by wiping out all that is no longer needed. This act makes place for the new growth to have space. The slate was too full as it were to contain more and needs to be emptied to hold a new approach.
When you notice a challenge creeping up in your life that is bigger than what you personally can handle and is out of your power to control, use it as inspiration to change whatever is needed to change. Be willing to go where change wants you to go and see how remarkable options unfold for you. We are more open to access the truth when we are in crisis. Be fearless and courageous in being guided by your truest soul mission as it becomes accessible to your consciousness though these challenges. Listen to your Soul/Spirit.
There is a time for everything. Is it a time to cruise on the familiar or is it a time to change your life and how you see yourself and what you do, from top to bottom? When ‘Change’ knocks on your door be willing to work with it.

Blessings to you,



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